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What is COI

If you’re moving, it’s always best to properly insure yourself from your current location to the final destination with a Certificate of Insurance. With insurance in mind, many customers ask, “What is COI?

The answer is relatively simple. A moving company should offer a Certificate of Insurance. This essential piece of paperwork is one of the ways to lessen the stress of moving. The moving company COI accomplishes the following things:

• Documents that the mover has insurance
• Identifies the terms, events, or conditions that trigger the coverage.

You may also have questions about how to get COI and why it’s necessary. If you’re moving to or from an office, high rise, condominium, luxury property, or apartment structure, a Certificate of Insurance may be required. Ask your building manager if you need a copy of the moving company COI contract before the move. If you have questions about the COI for moving, call us to request the Certificate of Liability insurance.

What is cOI and how to get COI?

Property damage is a reality that occurs when moving. That’s one of the top reasons you need a Certificate of Insurance when moving. The COI is usually required by your building’s property management when a mover is working on the premises. The Certificate of Insurance for moving declares some protective cover if or when the mover unintentionally damages property.

The moving company shares the COI documentation or certificate of liability insurance with the building managers. This is important as the building managers need to know that the mover has insurance and can pay for damages if they occur.

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More questions about how to get cOI

This step is easy. A reputable mover offers the Certificate of Insurance when you need to move from one place to another. If it isn’t mentioned before you sign an agreement for moving services, ask about the COI for a movers insurance certificate, or simply the COI.

Truly, no insurance coverage will replace items that have captured your priceless memories. For instance, your grandparents’ pictures or your baby’s handprint in clay are items that cannot be replaced for any amount of money. Selecting movers with a great reputation for careful handling is the best way to move these precious belongings.

At Lifestyle Moving & Storage, we’re familiar with the kinds of moves that will require the mover’s insurance certificate. We will remind you to call your property manager to answer this essential question. After you let us know, we will directly coordinate with your property’s management to ensure that the insurance provider sends the all-important COI for moving.

Ask the property or building manager if they need a movers insurance certificate at least several days prior to the moving date. If possible, ask at least one week beforehand. Many properties require the movers insurance certificate at least 24 hours before the move occurs. Sometimes, the process of getting the certificate of liability insurance takes up to one week.

What is cOI and how to get COI?

Handling the Certificate of Insurance for moving in advance allows you to square away all other details of the move well before the truck is loaded. You have enough to consider before, during, and after the move. Taking care of this important moving company COI means no one must experience frustrating delays on moving day!

A smooth and uneventful move is our goal. You must present the certificate of liability insurance to your office, condo, or apartment building. We will do everything possible to remind you to complete the task.

If your property management doesn’t get the certificate before the move date, it can be costly: your moving crew will show up at the agreed-upon date and time. If the property or building manager prevents them from entering the building, everyone must wait while the movers and insurance company sort out the question of the COI. Once the building and movers sort everything out, the property management will then allow the movers to begin the task of moving your belongings.

Time is money, and delays are emotionally frustrating. At the very least, not providing the COI will delay the move. The moving team may also add this wasted time to your billable hours. The moving company will then pass these costs on to you.

Now that you know what COI is and how to get COI, add it to your to-do list today.

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If you’re still researching the best movers for your needs, ask about their COI policy. No insurance is a red flag. If movers cannot provide you with a viable certificate, you know they aren’t insured.

A professional moving company understands the importance of insurance. Lifestyle Moving & Storage is proud to offer our customers insurance protection through the Certificate of Insurance program.

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