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Without a doubt, moving can be a lot of work, and juggling everything more or less at the same time can be really overwhelming and can take a lot out of even the toughest, most mentally stable person. Packing all of your belongings, clearing your drawers, and getting the necessary paperwork done, all while taking care of your regular responsibilities like kids, pets and work, can become a real mess, even if you’re the most organized person out there.

This is why most experts recommend taking advantage of moving and professional packing services when planning to move. Sometimes, it may seem like a stretch, but packing and moving companies often offer a wide range of different services, like helping you on moving day, and other, more elaborate things, like helping you pack and unpack all of your items.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the benefits of working with professional packers and movers and when you should consider hiring them when the moving process seems to get out of hand.

Professional Packers – Who Are They?

Packers for moving will generally work for or with other professional movers, with the responsibility of professionally wrapping and then boxing up your items. It’s not something they do every once in a while; it’s their job. This means that if you are hiring professional packers, you can rest assured that all of your belongings will reach your new home in tip-top shape. Not to mention, they know how to pack effectively, meaning you will have more room available on the truck as well.

What to Expect from Professional Packing Services?

The services these professionals will provide will mostly depend on the company these packers and movers work for and what’s outlined in their job description. Still, there are a few universal things you can expect:

  • They will provide the boxes, packing tape, paper, and plastic cushioning.
  • They will pack up every item, wrapping some of them up for extra protection in every room.
  • They will do the labeling of the boxes to keep things organized.

On the other hand, there are also limits to professional packing services. For instance:

  • Packers will not take inventory of your things if you want to declutter and keep, donate, or toss some things.
  • The labels won’t have additional info on what’s in the boxes exactly, just the room they came from.

Also, you should note that you will have to get rid of the things you don’t want them to pack up. On that end, you can always opt for donating old appliances, mattresses, and other items.

Two Young Male Movers Packing Furniture With Plastic Wrap in Living Room

Benefits of Hiring Packers

Without a doubt, hiring packers will come with a cost, and it’s up to you to decide whether you need packers for moving or not; however, there are quite a few instances when the extra investment is well worth it.

  • When you are moving to another state, and you need to leave before your belongings arrive.
  • If you are disabled, packing can be challenging physical labor, and if you have chronic pain and joint problems, risking your health to pack up might not be worth it.
  • If time is of the essence. If you are in a hurry, professional packers and movers can significantly speed up the process.
  • If you don’t have the time. Busy with work, kids, school, and other duties? Packers for moving will handle the lion’s share of the moving tasks.

The Biggest Benefits

The most significant advantage of hiring packers is undoubtedly the amount of time and stress they can save for you. You don’t have to worry about things breaking or getting damaged while being transported. These professionals have the necessary skills to pack up everything securely.

Also, they will be quick. What you might end up doing for an entire day, they will hammer out in a couple of hours.

Lastly, they bring their own packing supplies. Sometimes, just getting the right boxes can take a while if you choose to get them yourself. With packers for moving, you won’t have to worry about this.

Saving Tips

As you might know, opting for packing services can be a bit costly, so you can do several things to make the moving process easier on your wallet. For starters, you can always pack up easier things, like your books and other belongings, and leave the glassware, breakables, and dishes to the pros. Do the same with furniture, electronics, TVs, artwork, and other valuable things.

You may also get a better deal if you opt to provide the packing supplies yourself. However, this is highly dependent on the company and liability issues, so make sure to discuss these options beforehand.

Opt for Specialty Packers

If you have a rare collection or extremely valuable artwork, hiring specialty packers can also be a bright idea. They excel in packing fragile and exquisite items carefully and securely for transport. If you want to save a few bucks (and your most valuable belongings), hire specialty packers just for the most exquisite things.

Hire a Full-Service Company

Also, packers and movers from a full-service business will be able to get you an overall better deal than if you opt to work with two companies at the same time. It’s entirely up to you, but working with a single company will go a long way in simplifying the entire moving process.

Young Worker in Uniform Holding Packing Duct Tape Gun Roller Dispenser and Sealing Fragile Cardboard Box With Sticky Adhesive Tape. Moving House, Relocation Company and Truck Delivery Services Concept

Hiring Unpackers?

In some cases, you may also take advantage of the help of professional unpackers, who will unwrap everything, create an inventory of any damaged items, put your belongings away, assemble the furniture, organize the home, and remove all the packing materials from the house.

They can be convenient in cases when you:

  • Don’t have time to unpack
  • Feel drained and simply don’t have the energy
  • You need to get everything done quickly
  • If you are disabled
  • If you simply can’t do it by yourself because there are too many things and too much to do.

As a matter of fact, there are quite a few full-service moving businesses that will also include these services in their repertoire. Sure, these all-inclusive services will be a bit more expensive than basic, standard packages, but they will be well worth the investment if you are looking for the smoothest moving experience possible.

Make It Easy on Yourself

Ultimately, hiring a team of pro-packers makes a lot of sense if you don’t have the time or the energy to take care of the relocation process yourself. Apart from saving time, you will also avoid accidentally damaging and breaking your things, which will only mean added stress to an already overwhelming situation.

As such, your best bet would be partnering up with a team of seasoned experts who can provide not just top-notch services but the peace of mind you are looking for. Relocation shouldn’t be an arduous task but an exciting interlude for a new life.

To make that happen, reach out to us at Lifestyle Moving & Storage so we can discuss your needs and preferences.

Take the stress out of moving and let our professional movers handle the heavy lifting for you.

Contact us today so you can get moved into your new home sooner!

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