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Let’s face it, office moving is no easy task. Still, it’s a move that many business owners consider, especially when their business is growing and the old office space simply can’t handle the growing camp of employees.

Apart from that, corporate relocation can be an exciting experience. An entirely new work environment can charge up your staff’s batteries, improve overall mood, and might even help with productivity. Still, commercial moving can be really complicated as you don’t really have luxury of downtime. Simply put, the company cogs should be kept moving.

Why? Simple.

Even if you take advantage of relocation services, you will have to juggle a myriad of different tasks, like utility management, address updates, paying your bills, coordinating different things with old and new landlords, etc. All this can be stressful, and when you have to add the processes of office packing and moving to the mix, then you end up with more than a handful.

As a matter of fact, hiring professional movers can also help you avoid potential problems. Moving IT equipment and delicate or bulky office furniture can go wrong if you (and the people helping you move) lack the necessary experience. And the last thing you want is to get injured or damage your office goods. Simply put, commercial moving and relocation services are essential if you want a risk-free experience where you don’t have to focus on every single aspect of the entire moving process.

As such, in this article, we will explore every aspect of corporate relocation dos and don’ts to ensure that your moving process goes as smoothly as possible.

Corporate Relocation Done Right

Plan Ahead, Plan in Time

Ask any team of professional movers, and they will tell you that the most critical part of any relocation process is planning. You don’t want to deal with everything at the last possible minute, and you want to be ready for any situation that may arise and any complication that may occur.

Moving an office to a new location can be way more complicated than home relocation. There are a lot more fragile and bulky items that you need to relocate. For the most part, these are company assets that help keep making a profit, so you want to avoid any damages at all costs. Plan well ahead in time, look into your utilities, let your old and new landlords know when you’re planning the move, and make sure that you have enough time to handle all the moving-related paperwork as well.

Also, this is an excellent time to find the moving company that fits your needs best. Do your research, ask around, read a few reviews and reach out to the companies that offer the best relocation services, in your opinion.

Update Your Employees

Another smart thing to do during corporate relocation is to keep your employees constantly updated about how the entire moving process is doing. This can help them better prepare for moving day and can help them coordinate work better, especially if they have to work from home while the office is closed due to packing/moving.

Hire Professional Movers

Two Young Male Movers In Blue Uniform Carrying Cardboard Boxes On Staircase

Once you’ve set your eyes on a company, reach out to them as soon as possible. Corporate relocation is different from home moving. Simply put, the longer your office is closed, the higher losses you will have to deal with, especially if you have to close down all operations entirely for the time being.

Hiring professionals on time can ensure that every aspect of moving day will be planned out perfectly, and the relocation will happen risk-free and fast, without any problems or damages to your special equipment with minimum downtime.

Assign Someone To Help You

You don’t have to do everything by yourself. Even if you managed to delegate the essential relocation-related tasks to your employees, you would still want someone to help you supervise everything. Assign someone who can be in charge of the corporate relocation process and make sure that every employee is on top of their responsibilities.

Your Employees Can Do Their Part

Even if you opt for the best office relocation services, you can still ask your staff to handle their own work cubicles and pack their items. This is also a great idea to avoid any major mix-ups with office-related paperwork, important documents, and so on.

Take Extra Care Of Delicate Items

While getting quality office relocation services will decrease damage risks, it’s still a good idea to be around when the professional movers are packing IT goods. Just help make sure that easily breakable items are sufficiently packed in bubble wrap to ensure total shock absorption during transport. Also, help pack everything properly. Desktops and servers should be packed in heavy-duty hard-wood crates.

Lastly, make sure to correctly label each box so you can quickly identify everything later.

Don’t Forget About Insurance

Anything can happen anytime, even if movers are doing everything by the book. By purchasing an insurance policy, you can later claim compensation if anything happens to your office goods.

Don’t Forget To Update The New Office Address

Whenever office relocation takes place, you should let your suppliers and clients know that you’re not at your old address anymore. That said, update the new address everywhere: your business cards, letterheads, web platforms, social channels, Google maps, and so on. This way, you will ensure that business will resume without any hiccups at the new office.

Manage Office Utilities

Make sure to take care of essential utilities in time. Avoid the hassle of paying for services you haven’t or won’t be using. Contact the utility service providers in time to make sure to either disconnect or transfer the services.

Set Up Everything and Double-Check Everything After Final Delivery And Settling In

Happy Woman Checking Stuff in Cardboard Box Before Sent to Transportation Company and Moving to New Location Apartment.

Once you’ve relocated, chances are, the moving professionals will also help you set up your working system correctly. So after final delivery, make sure that the network and IT equipment, projectors, hardware, and various other office goods are adequately reassembled and placed in the desired places in the new premises.

Also, check if everything’s in working order and make sure to report any damages that may have happened during the process as soon as possible.

By doing this, you can further minimize any downtime and resume work as fast as possible.

Choosing Relocation Services Wisely

Sure, commercial moving is always easier with professional help, but you want the best experts who have a good reputation and a proven track record for providing exceptional services. Seasoned professionals can be challenging to come by, so make sure you take your time and do your research by asking for recommendations and reading a few reviews online.

On the other hand, you can always reach out to us if you are looking for exceptional relocation services in the NYC area.

We know just how stressful relocating your office can be. To help you make the process more straightforward and seamless, we will take care of the packing and transportation of your stuff, ensuring that you can resume work with as little downtime as possible.

Take the stress out of moving and let our professional movers handle the heavy lifting for you.

Contact us today so you can get moved into your new home sooner!

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