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No matter for which reasons you are relocating, moving furniture easily is something that’s easier to talk about than actually pulling off. Especially when you move cross-country, meaning that the transport of the furniture will be lengthy.

Let’s face it, moving is stressful as it is. You need to take care of a myriad of things, and often, you’ll find that you simply can’t do everything alone. For instance, our furniture moving services in New York can make a lot of the processes more straightforward as professional furniture movers have the necessary experience and equipment to get the job done the right way.

As a matter of fact, getting help from a team of professionals can especially come in handy when you simply don’t have enough time to prepare yourself for the big move. Experts can help a great deal with packing, providing the necessary furniture moving equipment, and having the experience, meaning they will apply any necessary precautionary measures before something goes wrong.

Still, before hiring a reliable company to help you move, here are a handful of valuable tips that will make moving furniture an easy task.

The Basics of Furniture Moving

Furniture movers will more or less be able to do all the heavy lifting (literally), but you will still want to take note of these crucial tips to make their jobs a bit easier and your moving experience that much better.

Scan The Home: Donate and Purge

Couple Carrying Sofa Into New Home On Moving Day

What’s the trick behind moving furniture easily? Well, the less stuff you have, the easier it will be to relocate it.

On the other hand, interstate movers will usually charge based on the weight of the items they need to relocate, while local movers will probably charge by the hour. No matter how you look at it, the more time furniture movers spend packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your items, the more it will cost. In the case of a cross-country move, the more stuff you have, the more it will weigh.

Either way, you end up paying more than you’d potentially have to, especially if you don’t take inventory of your things and get rid of a few pieces of furniture you don’t actually need or like anymore.

So, to make the transport of furniture more straightforward, give away those unwanted items. You can always give them up for charity or give them directly to people in need. You can also list them for sale on different websites. Heck, you can even upload a few pictures on your social media channels – your friends might be interested.

Last but not least, you can always host a yard or garage sale.

Take Pictures of the Furniture

If the furniture movers are also taking care of most of the packing, creating a list of your items is vital before they get started. Why? This is an excellent way to prevent misunderstandings about damages or losses if they happen accidentally. The simplest way to take inventory of your furniture is by taking pictures of all the items you are moving, including any artwork and belongings of value.

You can also go one step further and document your electronic devices. Don’t get us wrong, you probably won’t need to take a photo of every spoon, fork, and knife to know what you own, but such an inventory list can become really critical after the transport of furniture or something breaks.

Measure and Design

It might be obvious, but one essential thing about moving furniture is measuring the items you want to take to your new home. Also, compare your measurements with the new place’s blueprints. When you’re done, try to envision where you will put the furniture.

This is a great way to find out what you might want to (or have to) get rid of and a creative way to lower moving costs if you can. Because you will have a better idea of how your items will fit in the new place, you can donate or sell even more unnecessary belongings that simply won’t fit in your new home. This way, you don’t have to lug them all over the place just to realize that they won’t complement the new home.

Disassemble what You Can

Being economical is key when it comes to moving furniture easily. You might have a few large shelves at home which you might like to move with you. If this is the case, take the time to disassemble them so they will take up less space. This can also ensure that they will arrive without any damage.

In the case of glass-door cabinets, remove the glass and wrap the glass pieces separately. Keep the nuts, fasteners, and bolts in plastic bags. Also, you can label them so you won’t have any problems if you need to reassemble them all by yourself.

The Loading Process

Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New Home

When you hire professional furniture movers, you probably won’t have to worry about whether your stuff will fit on the truck or not and how you will load everything on it. Experts will usually do a walkthrough of the home, measure the largest pieces, and determine the approximate volume of your stuff and furniture.

If you are doing everything by yourself or with the help of friends, measuring the largest pieces and comparing them with the available place on the truck is vital. You will want to be able to relocate as much of the furniture as you can in one trip.

On that note, we highly recommend working with professionals. For starters, they have the necessary furniture moving equipment and the experience to make the most of the available space without putting your furniture in harm’s way. They know how to place and fasten longer pieces, like headboards, couches, tables, and such, in a vertical, upright position to save space. They also know how to distribute the weight of the furniture evenly and use the right tools to do so.

Professional help really does make a difference in getting the job done quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Unload and Reassemble

After arriving at your new home, carefully remove the furniture from the truck. If possible, mark the pieces and boxes with color-coded packing tape to know which room they should go in. This would make the entire process of unpacking a lot easier and the reassembling process much quicker, as you or the furniture movers won’t have to lug your stuff across the house if it ends up in the wrong room.

Help Is on the Way

Moving and professional packing services do make a massive difference if you want to relocate your furniture to your new home safely. Sure, you can always do the job by yourself and with the help of friends. Still, the experience and insight of an experienced team are priceless. They have seen it all and will quickly determine the best method of getting started with moving and will make sure that everything gets to your new place safely and damage-free.

Take the stress out of moving and let our professional movers handle the heavy lifting for you.

Contact us today so you can get moved into your new home sooner!

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